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Ditalini Salad with Cherries, Feta & Cilantro

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and light salad to serve as a side dish this salad won’t disappoint you! You’ll be pleased with its fresh ingredients and sweet and spicy flavor. In my house I have to double the recipe because the typical 4 servings never seems to be enough.


1 ½ lbs ditalini pasta
½ C chopped dried cherries
1/3 C minced red onion
¼ C finely chopped scallions
1/3 C finely chopped sweet red pepper
1/3 chopped crumbled feta
¼ C chopped fresh cilantro

Spicy Vinaigrette


4 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 ½ tsp chili paste
Juice of one medium orange
1 ½ Tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp kosher salt
3 Tbsp olive oil
¼ tsp pepper


Fill a medium sized sauce pan with water and bring to a boil. Once it’s boiling add 1 ½ Tbsp salt and stir well. This is a great way to ensure your pasta gets well seasoned.  Add the pasta and cook according to the package directions.
Drain the pasta and rinse with cold water. Place the pasta in a large bowl and add peppers, onions, scallions, feta, cherries and cilantro then toss well. 

For the vinaigrette whisk together vinegar, chili paste, orange juice, sugar, salt and pepper and pour over the pasta salad. Toss well and enjoy.  

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