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Rustic Pear and Blackberry Pastry

The past few weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of baked goods recipes posted out there from my fellow food bloggers.  I came across so many wonderful recipes for rolls and pies that I became inspired to bake something of my own.  I landed on what I refer to as my “Rustic Pear and Blackberry Pastry”.   As is typically the case I was looking to prepare something a little different, and with this rustic creation, a dessert that didn’t have to have the appearance of a masterpiece – just taste like one! 
I suppose one could call this a pie but to me it’s more of an over-sized fruit pastry.  The pears and blackberries create a striking contrast in the dish and frankly taste wonderful together.  So if you’re seeking a recipe that’s a little different, is delicious, and incredibly simple to prepare, give this one a try.

You will need… 

5 large Bosc pears (peeled, cored, and sliced)
½ C fresh blackberries
¼ C dark brown sugar
2 Tbsp flour
¾ Tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp ground ginger
1 egg beaten
1 prepared pie crust (your favorite recipe or store bought brand)
Gently mix the pears, sugar, flour, cinnamon and ginger together.   Add the blackberries taking care not to break them up.
Place your prepared pie crust onto an ungreased cookie sheet and then place the filling in the center making sure to leave a 3 inch perimeter around the outside.   It is ok to pile the filling up a bit as it will settle during the baking process.  Next begin folding the outside of the crust up and toward the center.
Brush beaten egg on the outside of the piecrust and sprinkle lightly with sugar.   Bake at 375 for 40-45 minutes.   I know this is difficult but you’ll need to cool the pastry completely (at least an hour) before cutting into it, otherwise it will run all over.   As it cools the juices will thicken.   This is great served with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream or your favorite latte! 

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athriftyfoodie says:

mmm, you can't go wrong with pear and brown sugar, nice one!

Franklin from Dine Delish says:

Wow the pear the pie is so new to me. Interesting how I never ever thought of that. That looks delicious and the addition of the blackberries must round out the flavors so well. Thank you for this!

Holly Henry says:

Thank you! I was looking for something that was a bit different that was less traditional looking. I will share that it was gone in an hour (after it cooled of course :) )

Enjoy and do come back!

Eftychia says:

I like the presentation. Very beautiful and delicious!

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