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Sweet & Spicy Barbequed Ribs

This weekend was all about grilling and to celebrate I brought out what I consider “the big guns” – that being my sweet and spicy barbequed spareribs.  This is a great recipe that never fails and is sure to impress your friends and family!  Enjoy and I look forward to hearing about your favorite barbeque recipes.
You will need:
4 lbs pork spare ribs

Chili powder
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Lawry’s Seasoned salt
Spicy Flavored Mrs. Dash
Barbeque Sauce:
1 C Sweet Baby Rays Honey Barbeque Sauce
½ C. Jack Daniel’s Brown Sugar flavored Barbeque Sauce
1 ½ Tbsp Sun Luck Chili Garlic Sauce (hot)
1/3 c. La Choy sweet and sour sauce
2 Tbsp olive oil
½ C. sautéed red onions
Preheat your oven to 400 and then cover 2 large cookie sheets with aluminum foil and give them a light spray of canola oil. Next place the ribs on the cookie sheets and liberally sprinkle both sides of the ribs with the chili, onion and garlic powders and the Lawry’s and Mrs. Dash.
Beginning with the ribs bone side up, roast both sides for 20 minutes each. Then switch the cookie sheets from the lower to the upper rack and repeat the 20 minute roasting process, bringing the total roasting time to about 80 minutes.  Switch the oven temp to broil; making sure each side of the ribs sits directly under the broiler for 5-6 minutes.  It’s ok if they get a bit blackened as that’s the key to some really great flavor. 

Remove your ribs from the oven when they begin to blacken and place on the grill over medium heat. Slather with your favorite barbeque sauce over both sides of the ribs cooking for 3-4 minutes on each side. 

I am including the recipe for my favorite barbeque sauce which is simply a matter of sautéing the onions for a few minutes in the oil, adding the remaining ingredients and heating through, but feel free to use whatever you prefer…

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Erin says:

These ribs look all kinds of deliciousness! BBQ is one of my favorites!

Anne@frommysweetheart says:

Holly…these ribs look killer! It's interesting…because you almost give them a rub before saucing them. The best of both worlds for ribs. (I love Sweet Baby Ray's!) And these look fabulous!

Jen at The Three Little Piglets says:

Those look finger-licking good! I haven't had ribs in such a long time…

I adore your wordpress template, wherever do you download it through?

Holly Henry says:

I had someone design it for me. The link is on my home page.

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