Simple Quintessential Cuisine

Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto

Despite the 80 degree weather autumn is definitely here. The air is crisp and the trees are vibrant with color. In my mind few things exemplify fall more than roasted butternut squash. So in celebration of the new season I made a butternut squash risotto. What a terrific combination of the savory and sweet! Even better it takes just under an hour to make. This is a great recipe that is easy to prepare for you and your family, and its’ elegant enough to serve to those guests you wish to impress. Do enjoy!

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Decadent Brownies

There are some problems that only a really good brownie can fix. I’ve been on a cookbook buying spree and came across this recipe in “ad hoc at home”.  There are a lot of excellent brownie recipes out there but this one knocks it out of the park. They are thick, just shy of the consistency of fudge, and very chocolaty – sure to remedy any issue that only chocolate can cure.  Thomas Keller, et. al., really satisfy with this one, and their book is most definitely worth purchasing! 

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