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Simple Summertime Strawberry Tart

Last week the weatherman forecasted a gorgeous Sunday.  In anticipation of that I purchased some strawberries not really knowing what I would do with them, but feeling really excited about the idea of sitting on my patio enjoying their sweetness in the sun.   Unfortunately the weatherman could not have been more wrong.  Despite the rain and the chill I decided I was not going to let the dreariness get in my way.  I landed on this very easy strawberry tart that took me all of twenty minutes to pull together, including the crust (as I’ve shared in prior posts I prefer homemade pastry, but store bought will certainly work).  I used  2 lbs of strawberries, and given they cooked down quite a bit during the baking process I’m thinking I’ll reduce to an 8” tart shell next go-round or add more strawberries.  You’ll like the simplicity of this tart but will love its taste even more!  If you enjoy strawberries this recipe is definitely for you; I only hope it lasts longer in your home then it did in mine.

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Rustic Pear and Blackberry Pastry

The past few weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of baked goods recipes posted out there from my fellow food bloggers.  I came across so many wonderful recipes for rolls and pies that I became inspired to bake something of my own.  I landed on what I refer to as my “Rustic Pear and Blackberry Pastry”.   As is typically the case I was looking to prepare something a little different, and with this rustic creation, a dessert that didn’t have to have the appearance of a masterpiece – just taste like one! 
I suppose one could call this a pie but to me it’s more of an over-sized fruit pastry.  The pears and blackberries create a striking contrast in the dish and frankly taste wonderful together.  So if you’re seeking a recipe that’s a little different, is delicious, and incredibly simple to prepare, give this one a try.

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Blueberry Apple Cobbler

This weekend the local market was having a great sale on blackberries. I had a craving for something sweet and an apple blackberry cobbler came to mind. So off to the market I went only to find that they had completely sold out of the blackberries.  I was immediately filled with disappointment and then I saw the blueberries and thought- that could work!  While apples and blueberries are not what I’d consider the typical cobbler combo they really do work quite nicely together. Even better they are absolutely delightful when placed  on top of a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream!

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