Simple Quintessential Cuisine

Roasted Lobster w/Garlic & Parsley Stuffing

In the spirit of romance, tonight was all about stepping it up a notch. After work I made a quick stop at the local market with one item on my mind - lobster.  Who doesn’t love a lobster that is well seasoned and even more important, well cooked.  While I had no intention of spending all night in the kitchen, I still wanted to create something wonderful that was both delicious and simple. I started by taking some help from the fish monger, in having him split the lobsters down the center. Then I stuffed them with  fresh, savory ingredients. The result was fabulous and I hope you treat yourself and try this one too!

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Scrumptious Crab Cakes with Spicy Roumalade Sauce

There is nothing more satisfying than a delicious crab cake. I’ve had the pleasure of sampling a variety of versions and my quest has been to recreate one in my home.  Through lots of trial and error I have determined that a great crab cake requires great quality crab and really fresh ingredients. Oh and let’s not forget…a delicious Roumalade to serve along with it.  Suffice to say I think you’ll be pleased with this version….

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